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Pastor Larry
Life just seems better on two wheels.


If you or someone you know is seeking help with life issues I want to encourage you to read on. Our life issues, regardless of what they are have one main origin; what each person believes about themselves. Changing your life in most cases is as simple as changing your paradigms about life and you. For many people unable to make life work I have helped them get traction in life, while others needed help whipping depression, anxieties, fears and phoboes. My goal is to help you understand what real help is and how it is obtained. In learning how to obtain true help you will also learn how to help others find the help they deserve as well. This is not a religious blog spot but it does incorporate God in a very practical way. I hope you stick with me in order to learn how those who seek always find.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

One More Day In Paradise

My current attitude about life is “One more day in paradise – living the dream”. At one time my attitude was “what’s the use? What’s life all about anyway? Must I live one more day?”

What made the difference? I learned how to connect to Life and defeat depression.

Today I am working daily with hurting people from all walks of life; helping them to overcome depression, addictions and inner turmoil of all kind without drugs and long invasive therapy sessions.

Today I am truly “living the dream” because I have learned how to live free of the entanglements of this world for myself, plus I am privileged to help others escape and so can you. Daily I witness miracles of major proportions; miracles the best medical minds in the world will rarely, if ever witness.

For instance; today I worked with a young man of 28 who has been on antidepressants for a number of years. He has also abused drugs and alcohol in an attempt to find some peace in life.

Our first step in helping the hurting is to ween them off all drugs; prescription and non-prescription alike. We usually encounter some opposition at this step because the medical world tells us we need these drugs to be free from depression and other inner turmoil.

The truth about antidepressants is they make you more depressed. That is why they post a warning about suicidal thoughts, feelings of hurting yourself, nightmares, becoming overly tired, lethargic, etc.

As I began to work with this young man he was very moody, sensitive and easily insulted. He wanted to go lay down all the time and was extremely non-cooperative. Even though his mind was a bit foggy, we made some progress.

This young man has logged many hours on the Therapist's couch and was well programmed with the idea that God could do nothing for him; after all, the best medical minds in his home state could not help him out of that pit of despair, so he reasoned, how could God help him.

After 30 days or so we finally weened him off all his medications. As we weened him off his medications we worked with him regularly, helping him find the areas of his life that caused his turmoil.

Our sessions with him continued bringing him into more and more peace; it's physically visible on people when they begin living in God's promised peace. He currently no longer paces the floor like a caged lion and when he sits to communicate, he sits still and looks us straight in the eye; something he was never able to do while taking his prescribed meds.

Today was his fourth day being off all medications and he told me before we started “I have so much more energy; I am alert, able to think more clearly and actually looking forward to life. Before this I could hardly stand the thought of tomorrow. I always woke up each morning wishing I were dead. Today I am alert early and feel great about life.

Today we gained great ground in his life with his emotional issues. Today we discovered memories where he believed he was: weak, didn't feel like he fit in, never felt good enough as he is, always felt like he was going to be rejected, worthless, lost, out of control, filled with guilt, shame and sadness plus believed he was helpless and inadequate. No wonder he was depressed. All this stuff was on top of what we had already discovered in our previous sessions.

When I talk about sessions you need to know that I am not a Doctor of medicine or a psychologist. I am a minister of the Gospel.

Don't let that fool you because I have the worlds greatest physician living in me and working through me. I simply facilitate meetings between the hurting and The Doctor. God has the answers and will help all who humble themselves enough to ask Him.

Man however, struggles with humbling himself enough to ask God and far too many struggle with even believing God desires to help them.

Some do not believe they deserve God's help so they don't ask while others struggle with believing He still helps people at all because of what religion has shown them; promises with no immediate, measurable results.

I am sure that some reasoning might even go like this "If God truly desires to help, then we need to pay attention to Him. If we begin paying attention to Him, He may take away all our fun."

You call drug addiction, depression, anxiety and fear fun? You call the human degradation of sexual perversion fun? You call spending all your money for your next fix fun? – When your insurance runs out how are you going to fund your habit then?

You might be thinking "I’m not hooked; I’m only on Zoloft, Paxil or Abilify or any of the hundreds of other prescription drugs available and being dispensed today like candy to children on Easter Sunday!"

No, if you are on that stuff you are hooked and it's killing your physical body. Your drug dealer might be a licensed pharmacy but, still a drug dealer. Your Doctor might have prescribed it to you but you are still required to take drugs to alter your feelings!

Illegally addicted or Dr. prescript-ed - what's the difference in the end?

The Good News is - you don’t need to be on these drugs to become free from the issues and struggles of life!

The inner turmoils people are facing is all caused by two things – lies believed about themselves and not controlling the thoughts of their mind.

To permanently change how you feel, you need to know where and when the lie was believed or planted, what caused it and then replace it with the TRUTH.

A therapist may be able to ask enough questions and eventually get you to the origin of your pain. That therapist may be able to help you identify the lie you are believing which is causing your inner turmoil.

There is only one more thing however , your therapist will never be able to replace the lies you believe with the TRUTH; and it takes the TRUTH to make you free.

Man has been trying to change man as long as man has been; only to fail in frustration over and over again down through the centuries. Man's best efforts are still failing and I see the results of it every single day!

Therefore,the Therapist takes out their prescription pad and writes you a prescription for a drug that is supposed to make your pain more tolerable. And, as long as you have insurance you don't feel the financial pinch. When your insurance ends however, you will do what all drug addicts do to get your fix; lie, cheat or steal if necessary! Whatever it takes to numb out.

The Good News is – You don’t need to go there!

God alone has the plan and the capacity to speak to the lie, replacing it with TRUTH!

I work with hurting people every day and have for over 20 years now; God never fails. People always get free from the lies that torment them when they are willing to work with God. So can you!

My book “Your Pain Is Showing!” goes into much detail explaining how this happens, how to talk to God, how to find the source of your pain, why the mind works the way it does and how that can actually drive you crazy, along with God's answer.

Following is the testimony of that young man who experienced this awesome freedom by learning how to talk to God and control the thoughts of his mind. I’ll let his words speak for themselves.

"Before learning how to communicate with God I was always tired and virtually unable to focus on a single thought for longer than a moment. Like many others, I turned to my Doctor for a solution. He prescribed me a daily cocktail of various pills that claimed to treat anxiety and depression. These medications only led me down a path of addiction and further depression. My mind had become more hectic than ever. When I finally learned how to communicate with God I was able to painlessly drop the pills and through His love I live peacefully and happy. My concentration and awareness have never been better." D.C. - Iowa

* * *

First you need to recognize that your inner turmoil is IN YOU; meaning it is not created by anyone or any circumstance currently in your life. Your circumstances and the people in your life simply trigger something that is resident within you.

Your pain is caused by what you believe; no one can make you believe anything. What you believe about you comes from the interpretations of your experiences.

In order to hear from God - the only true source of truth, you must be able to quiet your mind so He can speak to your painful memories.

To help people learn how to quiet their mind without squeezing everything out I ask them to sit upright, close their eyes and shift their mind into neutral. In other words, make your mind not think.

If and when your mind begins to think of something you simply, in your mind, say "No, we are not going there." And you make your mind be still. After a few short seconds of keeping your mind in neutral you will begin to feel your mind relax; your body will quickly follow.

When you have your mind quietly in neutral you simply, verbally talk to God. If you wish to have Him speak to something you ask short, specific questions and then stop to receive from Him.

God speaks into the same mind you think with so the first words entering your mind after you ask your question will be God's answer.

How do you know the difference from your thoughts and God's answer?

Test what you received by speaking aloud what you sense coming into your mind. If it is God, and it will be 99% of the time, you will know it is God as you speak it - it feels TRUE and will always change you.

If it by chance was your mind, you will know it the moment you open your mouth.

If you tell God what you feel and then listen, He will always speak His truth to you. As you receive (speak aloud) His truth it will always change what you are feeling.

My first book Genuine Christianity would also be a good book to read if you are interested in the how-to and why of communicating with God in order to achieve instant physical, emotional results.

God has the answer to perfect emotional health but somehow the church fathers allowed the deceiver to convince them that the clergy could not help the hurting people only the experts...

Logically think about that for a moment - God the creator had no idea or plan to help His created beings find inner peace and only His created beings can actually help themselves! Give me a Break! He's called the Prince of Peace for Pete's sake....

Well, He does have a plan and He is able to help you and everyone you know who is hurting once you hurt bad enough to humble yourself and ask Him. I have personally experienced it and I watch Him helping the hurting every single day.

Stick with me and maybe you will pick up some pointers to help you in your journey to perfect inner peace.

Until Next Time, Relax;

Pastor Larry Low

All books are available on my website or Amazon.

For those interested in learning how to actually help hurting people, check out my training material called "Restoration Ministry Training". This material is also located on my website. Check out what many who currently use this material are saying about the books and the training material.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Truth about PTSD - from the Christian Perspective

It kills me very time I read or hear a report about how our brave soldiers must suffer forever because of what medical science calls PTSD. PTSD is very real but not necessary to put up with.

If you or someone you know is suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) I have good news for you; you can be healed quickly, permanently and without drugs and hours of therapy. How do I know? Because I have helped many find permanent release in just a few one-hour meetings.

For those who are interested, I will explain in more detail in my blog at or but for now you need to know that God has the answer to every disorder and syndrome known to man. They are only un-healable to man, but to God nothing is impossible. I’m not talking about throwing up a prayer and hopping something happens; I’m talking about instant change as you learn to work with God.

Everything that holds man back or causes one to live, respond and react to his environment inappropriately or abnormally is known as a lie. When Jesus came on the scene He said “I am the way the truth and the Life” as well as “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.

No, it doesn’t mean you need to study and learn the medical truth about the syndrome or disorder; it means you must hear the truth from the One who is Truth (Jesus) and when you receive it (know or experience it) it will then make you free. Free from what? Free from the lie which causes mankind to miss the mark and act unbecomingly, inappropriately or not in accordance with all normal social standards.

To be healed one only needs the following:

1. A desire to be healed permanently

2. Willingness to learn

3. Belief in God or the willingness to learn and experience Him

This is very real and if you are interested read on to find the hope that is only found in working with God.

* * *

Going Deeper

Did you know that Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is not a disorder at all, but a natural reflexive response to a condition or conditions programmed into your subconscious mind?

Do you know that in typical life experiences, all people are constantly programming their subconscious mind by subconsciously adding to their life’s database? It is a natural function of your brain, necessary for self-preservation and protection.

Every experience we have is recorded in our subconscious mind. We call this section, memory and it is used, first and foremost, to protect and preserve life. This protection process begins as each experience is interpreted by our brain based upon the premise of “what this experience makes us feel about self.” If the experience makes you feel like you are in danger then your memory will be flagged as danger. If the experience was sensual and pleasing, your memory will be flagged accordingly. If the experience makes you feel stupid, it is flagged as – you guessed it, stupid and so on.

How does it protect us?

Each new experience is then compared to every experience you have in the future. When a current experience resembles the stored data in a past memory, the emotional response of the past memory is the feeling you receive for the current experience. Each flagged memory has the potential of causing you to respond in a way that defends, run from, run to, etc., depending upon the circumstance at hand and the type of flag associated with the memory being compared.

What do I mean it is not a disorder?

Disorder means “Lack of order”. The physical responses to current situations may be out of the ordinary but they are not out of order. In fact the responses are exactly what your brain has been programmed to do.

In the advent of a traumatic experience where your life was in danger and you possibly incurred some physical injury or you witnessed others being hurt or possibly killed, your interpretation of that experience will be naturally flagged with danger and fear, causing you to respond in the proper way to defend yourself from harm.


Soldiers patrolling the streets of a town when children come running at them looking for American candy bars, happy and excited about being close to the Americans who have come to protect them. The lead soldier bends over to give the first little boy a piece of candy and as the child reaches upward to receive the candy he suddenly explodes, killing your buddies landing you in the hospital suffering from burns and shrapnel wounds.

What do you think your response is going to be when you are finally home with your family and some neighborhood children, excited to see you are home, come running at you in the shopping mall or down your street? Your response could be rather inappropriate or bizarre for the place you are now. What once was a true dangerous situation is now an innocent daily occurrence in every city or town in America.

However, your mind instantly signals your body’s response as your heart rate increases, the adrenaline rushes through your muscles causing you to dive for cover, or worse yet, physically onto the approaching child in the attempt to protect your family from the explosion that never comes; after all, you are home now – no danger of exploding children, roadside bombs and pickup trucks with rocket launching renegades threatening your life.

What was once a truth (your life is in danger) is now a lie stored in your subconscious mind (memory) that the current experience (children approaching) triggered your mind, instantly alerting your body to perform supernatural life-saving action or worse yet, a defense posture of kill or be killed. You may physically be in a safe place but, because of the stored data in your subconscious mind, which saved your life many times in the war-zone, your mind says you are in danger and commands your body to instant action.

Once your subconscious mind sends the signal, your natural self-protection training and reflexes take over, overriding your natural thinking and reasoning capacities ever kicking into gear. You never think about where you really are. For that brief moment, you are back in the danger zone.

My grandfather suffered from PTSD because of the experiences he had in WW-I as he fought in the foxholes of France as a machine-gunner.

He was horribly tormented during the 4th of July celebrations. As soon as firecrackers began to explode and the fireballs that are shot high into the night sky began to boom and light up the sky, he would begin to tremble, physically shaking and weeping over his dead army buddies.

There was no place for him to find solace during these celebrations, as fireworks were legal in his town then.

As a child I remember grandpa always disappearing during these times and I could never understand why he wasn’t with us to enjoy the beautiful lights in the sky and the deep rumbling explosions that shook the ground. I understand now and so wish I could have helped him like I have helped many others.

People who have been diagnosed with PTSD show some or all of the following symptoms:

· Frequently having upsetting thoughts or memories about a traumatic event.

· Having recurrent nightmares.

· Acting or feeling as though the traumatic event were happening again, sometimes called a "flashback."

· Having strong feelings of distress when reminded of the traumatic event.

· Being physically responsive, such as experiencing a surge in your heart rate or sweating, to reminders of the traumatic event.

People do not need to suffer this way any longer because God has the way of turning the current lie off by recording the current truth over it in the memories that were created during the trauma.

I can teach you how to facilitate or minister at that level if you are interested in helping hurting people. Check out my training material by clicking on the following link -

I can help you overcome your pain if you contact me. Please contact me through my website at

You can also learn more about the process of restoring yourself and others through my two books Genuine Christianity and Your Pain Is Showing, both found on my website at

Put my years of experience to work for you and begin living free from your fears and traumatic events of the past. Learn to help others and spread the word.

A common question I am constantly faced with is;

If this is just working with God – why doesn’t every church teach this and help the hurting in their area find permanent freedom?

To be perfectly honest I don’t know!

Once I found how powerfully and quickly God will meet with us when we are dealing with inner pain and trauma, I have done nothing else but help hurting people find perfect freedom from their torment so they could live in perfect inner peace. I gave up a growing, thriving church so I could devote full-time to helping the hurting.

Christians – we have the answer to mankind’s worst problems. I do not wish to stand before God and explain why I didn’t help the hurting like He helped me. How about you? Let me help you learn how.

Until next time;

Pastor Larry Low

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Let God Speak For Himself

So you want to help the hurting find peace and wholeness in their life. That is a most worthy goal and one God has called us all to be a part of. In Galatians 6:1 He says "IF you see a brother or sister missing he mark, you who are spiritual restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness, considering your selves lest you also be tempted." To become a facilitator helping hurting people become restored means you have reached a point in your own spiritual life where God is considering you spiritual; a worthwhile achievement to say the least.

First you must understand what causes emotional pain. All emotional pain is the direct product of what you believe to be true about self. Lies believed to be true produce emotional pain. We acquire lies by the misinterpretation of life's daily experiences. Sometimes trauma causes its victims to believe lies. Plain life on the other hand teaches us some of the lies while others may be the direct results of people's thoughtlessness or cruelty. But all lies have one thing in common; they hurt. All internal pain promotes negative behaviors and the need to find inner peace.

If lies cause us pain and misery then it stands to reason that TRUTH makes us free. Jesus came on the scene 2000 years ago and said "I am the way the truth and the life . . ." Notice that Jesus called himself the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE? Without truth there is no life therefore we all need a way to the TRUTH. Jesus is that way and the Holy Spirit is the voice from Heaven bringing us truth.

Therefore, the first lesson is to let God speak for Himself. God is the Truth and only God knows exactly what the hurting need. To actually help someone you must learn how to help them communicate with God and then let Him speak for Himself. You can learn how in my book Genuine Christianity and the training material, Restoration Ministry Training, from my website

Typically, humans like to tell those hurting how to fix their pain. Many times while ministering I knew the truth about a person's inner pain but when man speaks, very little change takes place in those listening, if anyone is listening. If the pain is intense enough it is difficult to pay attention to what someone is saying; you cannot take information coming from the outside to heart where the pain is.

However, the Holy Spirit speaks from the inside where the pain resides. When a hurting person receives what God is telling them it changes them every time. God never fails to heal those who call upon Him once they learn how to work with Him. Most hurting persons need someone to facilitate a meeting between them and the Healer. As a facilitator you can learn to be very effective helping hurting people find the permanent help they need. This is the ministry of restoration taught in Galatians 6:1. This is possibly the most needed ministry in the world today because of the emotional pain all people carry.

For years I would give those hurting scripturally sound advice to offset their issues. People would go away saying they felt better; they would all thank me and tell me how wise I was and how much they appreciated me taking the time to help them. The problem with all of this was nobody changed; the problems remained and it wouldn't be long before they would be back for more personal attention. For awhile it stroked my ego by making me think these poor folks couldn't live without me. However, after awhile I got real tired of seeing the same old problems in the same people. It wasn't long before I began to see just how ineffective I was at helping hurting people.

If you are looking for return business, keep doing it the conventional way. However, if you are looking for results; people who actually change and become productive within the Body of Christ then learn how to facilitate meetings between the hurting and God and please allow God to speak for Himself.

After working fulltime for over 15 years with hundreds of hurting people, during thousands of hours of one on one ministry, I have produced a video training set of over 8 hours of line upon line precept upon precept teachings for those desiring to learn how to truly restore hurting people back to their rightful place in the Body of Christ. It is simple, effective, accurate and easy to understand. You can find the details of this training set at; click on Ministry News followed by CD's & DVD sets and then click on Restoration Ministry Training

You can also follow this blog for more video clips and articles to help encourage and inform those who truly desire to help the hurting.

You will also find more information at seekinghelpwith and

Email me and ask those questions you need to find answers for at

Allow me to help in your training and then join our team of ministers who stand ready to help the hurting.

Together we can change this world, one hurting person at a time. Remember that Psalm 34:18 shows us that God hangs out with the hurting so I believe that is a good place for me as well. Join me won't you as we help turn inner pain to inner peace.

Blessings until next time;

Pastor Larry

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Need More Help

"I am on an antidepressant but I need more help." the woman in the commercial exclaims.

A calming voice continues to describe depression as a serious disease caused by an out of balance condition of epinephrine and serotonin, two drugs produced by the brain to regulate mood swings. The announcer goes on to explain that the new drug EZmood, taken with the antidepressant has helped many with the same problem. However, notify your doctor immediately if you have thoughts of suicide, swelling of the tongue, violent mood swings, heart palpitations, and on and on the announcer goes describing problematic symptoms that you should be aware of if you chose to use their new drug. Unfortunately these symptoms have obviously happened as other people took their drug which, in my understanding, increases your chances of the same things happening.

Do you hear the message in that advertisement? No, I'm not talking about the alleged benefits of the product being sold but the warning message that is only there because of the FDA's labeling laws. I absolutely agree that persons suffering from depression do need more help because offering them mood altering drugs is not helping them but hurting them in the long run by masking their real problem. The proof that I offer is the AMA's own statistics that up twenty five percent of America is classified clinically depressed even though they are currently on anti-depressants and under a doctor's care. If that doesn't give us cause for alarm then nothing will. In fact, we should be more than alarmed, we should be absolutely horrified.

Over the past 20 years I have been helping many overcome depression without the use of drugs. In fact it all started many years ago when I was personally given to a routine of anger followed by depression that with the Lord's help, I was able to escape. This is done by simply helping those suffering learn how to control the thoughts of their mind. It may seem too simple for some while the thought of controlling your mind may seem overwhelming for others. However, believe me it is possible and I am seeing it done on a regular basis. Because of this I would like to give you some food for thought as it pertains to dealing with depression. I will also address the issue of a chemical imbalance or low epinephrine and serotonin levels in the blood as the cause of depression in the latter part of this article.

Depression is looking inward, it is a sinking down in your thoughts; looking at self or the problems and challenges at hand. It involves becoming so absorbed by the challenges you are facing that you are unable to see any hope of overcoming them. Our mood swings follow our thinking process' so if you allow your mind to think down, dark, depressive thoughts you are naturally going to feel depressed. If you feel bad about yourself and continue to allow your mind to replay the same old sad stories of life again and again you are naturally going to be depressed and potentially self-destructive in your behavior. The key to your freedom is to simply find the good things in your life to think about. Only then can you expect to feel better. I want to help you find the way.

Too many people allow their minds to direct and control their day; they have never been taught how to control the use of their bodies including their minds. Your mind is a tool for you to use, not an organ that is intended to use and direct you. You are responsible to make your mind be still. You must not allow your mind to dictate what you think about or when you think.

The natural mind that is uncontrolled will naturally gravitate downward to negative thoughts. In fact God created the human mind to doubt everything. That is how progress is made; when people doubt that this is the best way they put their mind to work finding a better way. However, depression goes beyond doubting and into the realm where they cannot see any hope of improvement or change. Many people I have worked with over the years have described this as their mind wandering down by the pit. Some have even seen a bottomless black hole in their mind's eye. If you allow your mind to stay down by the pit long enough or often enough you will eventually fall in. However, you don't need to allow your mind to do this to you. When thoughts that you know will hurt you or take you down come into your mind you must say "No, we're not going there." You force your mind to think on things that are uplifting and edifying. Refuse to allow your mind to lead you. When your mind wants to run off onto other thoughts you merely refuse it the privilege; pull it back onto the subject you wish to think about.

Some people have told me that at first, during this battle and it is a battle, they have a hard time finding positive things to think about. Let me help you with this; look at the end of your legs, if there is a foot attached to each leg you have just found two things to rejoice over. Look at your hands, if they work you have two more things to rejoice over. You are probably reading this on a computer so be thankful you can be connected in this manner. There are people all over the world that do not have this privilege. Be thankful you can read. If you are reading this because someone loved you enough to print it off then you have love in your life and people that care about you.

When I found myself either in or heading to a pity-party I would ask myself this question; "Am I worse off today than I was yesterday?" If I could honestly say that I was no worse off today than I was yesterday I would be able to shake it off and get back into life. If things looked worse today than they seemed to be yesterday I would then list how different today was from yesterday. As I looked at the things that made today worse I would then consider this "Do I know this for a fact or am I assuming this is the way it is." Most generally I was assuming and by the time I determined that I was assuming something to be fact, I was far from the pit and ready to live again.

Consider this statistic; it may help you understand why so many people are in depression. Medical science has proven that 70% of a person's daily, uncontrolled thought process is redundant and negative. In other words, we keep thinking the same old thing over and over and it keeps growing worse and worse with each pass through. Talk about a huge waste of energy. No wonder depression makes one tired and unable to function.

Another way to shake off the blues is to find someone else to invest your life in. Depression is thinking about self. Your life is more important than that. There are others out there that need you. You have much to offer others; your life experiences can be used to encourage people who may be going through situations similar to what you have experienced. As you invest your life in other's problems you suddenly find out that you don't have it so bad after all. Begin to look at yourself as a potential fountain of life, offering others hope rather than a pit of depression, taking life. God has a purpose for your life; begin seeking His purpose for your life.

I have a friend that is a missionary in a country that is closed to Christianity. That in itself isn't to unusual but this friend mine is much older than I am. We'll just say that I am old enough to retire and he is at least 10 years my elder. This too is not so unusual. However this missionary friend of mine has Multiple Sclerosis and struggles to walk. In addition to his physical condition he ministers to lepers in the jungles and mountain areas of his mission field country; mountains and steaming jungles because that is where they banish lepers too, the undesirable places to live. He could be here in the USA being taken care of by people trained to help him but no, he is out stomping through the jungles and mountains searching for people no one else even want to be close to. He told me once that when he is in the USA he becomes depressed because he watches people running to and fro never giving any thought to others around them. Therefore, when he goes to his mission fields he finds people who suffer much worse than he has ever had to suffer and he is happy and contented serving the unfortunates of this world.

I have another friend that learned how to whip depression by being thankful and in his process of finding things for which he could be thankful, he visited a nursing home where a friend's family member was residing. While he was there he noticed a nurse having a tough time with one of their residents so he went to her aid and began speaking to the elderly gentleman that was giving her a tough time. As he communicated with the resident these two men discovered something about themselves that changed both their lives. The nurse told my friend that she appreciated his help and by the way, have you ever given any thought to becoming a nurse's aid? She said. She went on to say "you have a natural ability to help these folks. We need someone like you on staff here. The majority of my day is not dealing with physical health like I am trained to do but I spend most of my day trying to convince them they have a reason to live and to take care of themselves. You just have a natural way with these folks." To make a longer story shorter, he recognized how good he felt about his ability to help those who obviously had it much worse than he so he began volunteering until one day, at the insistence of the director; he went on staff only to replace the director a few years later. He told me "I never knew how great life could be until I began to pour myself into others. When I met this young man he was in the depths of despair and depression; he couldn't function for himself or take care of his family. He had no purpose or direction in life. Once he began volunteering to help others he never again returned to his private bottomless pit of depression. As he found his place in life he not only helped the residents but he helped the nurses so they could return to their trained call in life. Soon after that he began coming off all his antidepressants and other drugs and today lives free from all his past struggles. (Never come off your meds cold-turkey. Always seek the Dr's help as I will explain at the end of this article.)

Depression is focusing on self and the issues of life that cannot be changed by worrying or constantly thinking about them. You would be surprised at how those problems or concerns will take care of themselves as soon as you quit holding on to them in your mind.

When I help people struggling I always incorporate God in the mix; in fact, without God you will never find the purpose for which you were created. The young man I told you about began to ask God to show him his purpose and to open doors for him just weeks prior to his visiting his friend's relative in the nursing home. I am not talking about becoming religious. Religion has no part to play in a true relationship with God.

God is the most practical person to build a relationship with because He is always with you and is always ready to help. I can help you build a practical relationship with my best friend if you would like. I teach all about it in my book Genuine Christianity which you can purchase on my website at or at your local Christian book store (publisher is American Book Publishing Company).

Now to address the situation with epinephrine and serotonin levels in your blood; these are natural mood stabilizing drugs created by glands in the brain. I am not surprised that a person who is depressed has a problem with adequate levels of these drugs in their blood. After all, medical science has known for years that stress can actually cause your heart to fail. Your heart is possibly the strongest organ in the human body. If stress can cause it to fail, and it can, it is not surprising that two little glands in the brain could also be caused to fail or malfunction as you go deeper and deeper into depression. Stress is actually caused by what a person thinks about them self. In future articles I will discuss stress and how we can become free from the causes of stress as well as how to manage stress. This is where a relationship with God is very practical because He is the only one who has a plan that actually works. His plan involves no drugs by the way. It is my contention that improper drug levels do not cause depression but constant, deep depression causes the glands to fail. Injecting an artificial drug into your blood stream only masks the real problem. I want to help you deal with the root problems and become free the natural way with no drug side effects.

Now let's look at why you should not come off drugs cold-turkey. When your physical body becomes accustomed to what you are putting in it (mood altering drugs) to suddenly stop them puts your nervous system under much stress; it shocks your system and causing additional emotional trauma and many times the physical pain of it all can become overwhelming. It has been documented that it can actually make you behave in ways that are totally unlike you. The point is, why put yourself under such added stress. There is a better way to accomplish what you are after.

It has been my experience working with hundreds of people over the years that as we help them reduce the stress levels in their lives their body begins to function as God designed it too in the first place. When your body begins to function properly you will eventually find yourself with too much drug in your blood, causing you to physically feel bad. At that time you need to ask your doctor to do a blood test so he can determine how overdosed you have become. When this is determined he can safely reduce the amount of artificial drug you are taking working with your natural body rather than putting more stress on your body.

In my next post I will discuss how the brain works concerning emotional pain including worry, fear and consuming thoughts. I want to help you see how simple it is to end your emotional pain, stress and fears so until next time my friend find something to be thankful about and begin to control your mind so it doesn't control you.

Blessings to you all;

Pastor Larry Author of Genuine Christianity, Eight Steps to Emotional Peace, Obtaining Marital Bliss and Your Pain is Showing (A study of Attitudes, Paradigms and Patience)

Making Sense out of Sadness

By: L. F. Low author of

Genuine Christianity (published by American Book Publishing Company)

The saddest thing I know are all those hurting in life caused by the horrors of life growing up, the horrors of life in battle or just life experiences in general. It causes me much sadness because all of these issues that cause life to be burdensome and heavy are heal-able without pills or long hours on the therapist's couch. What really makes all of this sad for me is that God has made it possible to get rid of the bad feelings created by the trials of life, in just a few seconds but the church in our culture knows little to nothing about it.

Everyday I deal with people who are trying to live with the pains of life. Some are on prescription drugs while others are coping in other ways and far too many are self medicating with alcohol, illegal drugs, gambling, eating disorders, self-mutilation, sexual perversions, etc. The problem is, many of mans coping mechanisms cause other devastation's in life; not only in yours but many times in those around you as well.

Now, here is the kicker; everyday that I am dealing with these hurting people, they are finding perfect inner peace and the end to many, if not all, of their inner pain and struggles. Is it me? Heavens no. All I do is facilitate a meeting between those hurting and God. When God speaks to the hurting, the hurting ends. I am not talking about pleading with God for a miracle and then hoping that something will take place. No, I am talking about allowing God to speak to the issues that hurt, finding INSTANT release.

This is what I do every day and I have never found a case where God failed to heal. Yesterday for instance, I had a call from a dear lady in another state who has been reading my book Genuine Christianity. In the book I invite those hurting to call me or get on my website at and seek help. The lady I talked to yesterday has been diagnosed as a Bi-Polar and has been on medication for quite some time now. We have talked a few times in the past month and yesterday she called me saying she was just down, depressed and could not seem to shake it off. As we were talking I just said "Lord would you please show this lady what is causing her depression and where it entered her life?" I then asked her to tell me what the Lord was showing her and she said she was looking at a memory from when she was in the third grade. I asked her "What does that little girl in that memory feel about herself?" She said "I'm worthless." I then asked the Lord "Jesus is that true? Would you please give this dear lady the truth?" I then asked her to tell me what the Lord was telling her. She said, among other things, "the Lord said you or no one else is worthless; I created you for a purpose." I then asked the lady how that little girl feels and she said "She is happy and confident. I see her smiling." I then asked her "How do you feel?" and she replied "I feel just fine; no heaviness at all. Thank you Pastor Low. Thank you very much."

That quick call took only two or three minutes but it ended a feeling that poor lady has been carrying around since she was nine years old. Did it end her Bi-Polar diagnosis? Not yet but it is getting her closer.

Understand this please, DRUGS DO NOT HEAL! Drugs, legal or illegal, are coping mechanisms only. My motto is "Why cope with something you can get rid of completely."

This process is called genuine CHRISTIANITY; the Real Deal. This is why Jesus came to the earth; to heal our broken hearts. Medical science has been trying to heal with drugs, shock treatments and hours of analyzing all the details of your past. They have never healed anybody. Don't believe it? Read my book Genuine Christianity and note the quotes from the American Medical Association that I included where they themselves have admitted to not being able to heal.

ONLY GOD HEALS! Man can only deal with the symptoms but God heals permanently. The reason He doesn't heal everybody that hurts is because the hurting are not asking Him to help them. Most do not know how to work with God because the churches are not teaching them. That is the main reason I wrote Genuine Christianity; to
teach the church there is so much more to our faith than religious dogma, poems and platitudes.

As I have mentioned before, when you begin to talk to someone about turning to God for help many reject it as some superstition, fable or an old wives-tale of days-gone-by. That is because the church has done a horrible job of presenting God to the general public. Christianity is not a religion; it is a relationship with a living God who cares very much for you and your life. When you hurt, He hurts with you. That is why I am doing this blog; I want the world to know this God who heals. That is why I wrote Genuine Christianity, to help those who care learn how to help those who are hurting. This is called restoration; learning how to restore a person back to God, back to health, back to confidence in themselves, back to peaceful living.

Living in perfect inner peace is absolutely possible but you will never get there on your own without God. Jesus is called the Prince of Peace. It is His peace we all seek because with His peace it doesn't matter what storm you are currently going through because the promise is the same, peace that passes all human understanding.

As soon as I can figure out how to do it, I am going to post a few video blogs here and on U-Tube that are short clips of the training material I have produced. It is working in my life and all who come to me or call. It is working in all those who have acquired a set of the material and are currently using it to help themselves and others. It works every time because God never fails and all we need to do is learn how to work with Him rather than command Him around like He is our Big-Daddy or a Genie in a bottle. He is God and He longs to help all who will take the time to learn how to work with Him. The name of my training material is Restoration Ministry Training and can be located on my website and is available to all who desire to learn how to deal with their own issues as well as how to help others; Turning inner Pain to inner Peace.

Many have asked me if I have ever seen anyone on psyche-meds able to come off those meds. My answer is "I sure have but it takes time. You never want to just quit what the Dr's have prescribed unless the Dr is working with you, bringing you off slowly."

The people I have helped get off drugs for depression, sleep deprivation, anxieties, Bi-Polar, etc all did so by working with my suggestions (Biblical teachings) learning how to work with God. As they worked with God to eliminate the lies that were causing them their pain, they began to relax more and more. Eventually they would feel physically ill, overly tired or any number of feelings that they could identify as not right. When this happened I always suggest they go to their Dr for a blood test. Most of the time the blood test would show the Dr the patient was being over medicated so they would reduce the amount of their prescription. This is the routine for safely and sensibly coming off prescription medications. DO NOT QUIT COLD TURKEY!

Genuine Christianity is published by The American Book Publishing Company and can be obtained through your local Christian Book Store,, or by going on my website at

Let's end all the sorrow and hurting in life by learning how to work with God; it is not as hard as you might think.

Blessings my friend;
Pastor Larry

The Common Quest of Man

By: L. F. Low author of Genuine Christianity

The attitude of the world toward those who are trapped in some obsessive, compulsive lifestyle is commonly captured in the following phrase "Once a druggie always a druggie." The same thing goes for those trapped on alcohol, sexual perversions, gambling, eating disorders, etc. The fact is however, that does not have to be true. When a person is ready to get off of whatever they are trapped by, believe me they can find freedom; I have helped hundreds find total freedom.

The same goes with most rehab centers; they treat the compulsive behavior as the problem. The Compulsive behavior has become a problem or the person would not be seeking help. However, the behavior is not the problem.

Our behavior, regardless of what it is, is the fruit of our problem. Twelve step programs, in most cases, string you along with the promise of freedom only to re-trap you with constant meetings and rehearsing the fact that you are hopelessly trapped and will never escape without continuing with whatever the twelve steps taught you.

I am thankful for the help gained by some involved in these programs however, the percentage of people who have truly found freedom from their destructive behaviors are very small compared to the numbers who are trying to find freedom. Typically there is only 1% or less that actually kicks the habit and the reason is you cannot fix your problem by simply picking off the bad fruit. To change the fruit of a person's life you must change the root of that life. No human can do that-- but God can!

If you treat your compulsion as the problem you are constantly picking bad fruit. Consider an apple tree that produces wormy apples; picking off all the apples does not fix the problem. Constantly admitting that you have a problem does not fix the problem either. No, constantly admitting you have a problem makes the problem worse and your condition hopeless.

Constantly condemning a person because they do drugs does not change the reason they do drugs. Punishing them for doing drugs actually adds to the problem by intensifying or exasperating their root problems that caused their destructive behaviors in the first place.

Unfortunately most contemporary religion is merely picking bad fruit by preaching sin, sin, sin to those who are trapped in their destructive lifestyles. I will agree, destructive lifestyles do make us sin. However, we must go deeper if we are to ever help the hurting find the permanent freedom Jesus promised those who would follow Him. The religionist (Is that a word?) would say "You can't go deeper than a person's sin." But I tell you that you can go deeper and that is the very reason Jesus came to the earth (Isaiah 61:1).

In order for Jesus to do what He came to do, He had to deal with mankind's sin issue. The church must quit celebrating what He had to do and go deeper to actually facilitate what He came to do. Once we have helped others gain their freedom then we can celebrate.

Until then however, we need to learn how to work with Him to help ourselves so we can help others. That is what I want to teach you; how to go deeper and receive the good out of why Jesus did what He did. He did it all for your freedom! He didn't do all that He did to trap us in some dead religion! By helping you gain your freedom I will be teaching you how to help others who are hurting as well.

Jesus set a standard for those who claim to be His followers; that standard is talked about very little and most of those who claim to follow Him cannot answer the following questions; "What is the standard of Christianity? Or what measuring stick did Jesus give his followers to help them determine where they are in their faith?"

How do I know most people will not be able to answer that question? Because for years I have been traveling and ministering in churches all over this country and in foreign countries as well and I ask that question wherever I go and I have never found any church who could or would answer it.

Today I am going to tell you what that standard is; it is not sinlessness or perfection as so many think it is. No, it is perfect inner peace and rest. Peace, quietness and confidence forever; in or out of the storms of life. Peace is the answer and if you would like to see the scriptures that prove that just let me know and I will email you a boat-load of them or stick with me.

In my last article I mentioned, quite strongly, that Christianity is not a religion but the potential for a dynamic relationship with God. Why would we want a relationship with God? Now get ready for my answer and please don't decide to stone me until you finish reading this article; then, if I am out of whack, go ahead. Here goes.

We need a dynamic relationship with God for the same reason people do drugs; to find peace. May I also go on and say, the same reasons people are on mood altering drugs such as antidepressants, uppers and downers to find rest and peace; to cope. The same reason some people need an adult beverage after a stressful day, to unwind. The same reason people smoke pot, etc.,etc.,etc.

The point I am trying to make is every human on earth is ultimately seeking the same thing; peace, quietness and confidence. And everything we do on our own to find peace and rest in life can eventually control and destroy our life. Peace, rest, quietness and confidence are God's promised reward for an intimate relationship with Him (John 14:27, 16:33, Isaiah 32:17, 26:3). God has something much better than coping!

Therefore, doesn't it make sense then to at least look at the possibility of getting to know God, rather than run the other direction just because you are afraid of Him for some reason? Especially if you are trying to kick some habit or find peace because of what life has done to you. If you have tried everything else and none of it gave you back your life or helped you gain the peace and freedom for which you are searching stick with me and I will teach you how to live in a troubled world with perfect inner peace and confidence.

You can find much more help on my website at, click on Ministry Helps and then look over the offerings under the sections entitled: Articles, Booklets and CD's & DVD's. You will find free teachings even some mp3 downloads free for the taking.

Enjoy my friend until next time,
be blessed;
Pastor Larry